Honours & Awards

Innovation Award for Civic Architectural Designs
February 2016

Most Innovative Architectural Start-up in the UK
corporate livewire awards
February 2016

Best High-End Commercial Architect 2015 UK
Build Magazine
September 2015
1st Prize - Winning Entry Competition for a residential project in China
Lucheng Real Estate Co.Ltd
April 2014

1st Prize - Winning Entry Competition
Battersea - Center of Peace and Religion (Design Competition)
November 2012

Debbie has been a pleasure to work with and I have no doubt that we will work on many more projects together. She has an impressive CV and is extremely professional and competent. She did everything she said she would, when she said she would and at the price we agreed. I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie and her work.

Chris Wright – Clapham Common

Debbie is a great person to work with. Not only does she bring a wealth of knowledge and experience but her approach is extremely pleasant and friendly. She is very good in listening to what a client needs and would like to achieve and she is able to recommend the best solution. Debbie is very creative yet practical. She is also fun to work with and a very calming presence in sometimes stressful situations (not easy to have your house renovated and still trying to live in it!). I would definitely recommend Debbie!

Raffaela Cuccia - Chelsea

Excellent to work with and highly recommended. A pleasure doing business with her.

Ewan Smith - Streatham hill

We are extremely pleased to announce a new collaboration that will commence this winter between Debbie Flevotomou Architects and Uber Developments. We value our clients’ time and understand they may have little time to look for and compare contractors and specialists consultants for their houses upgrade, renovation, extension, etc. Having a trusted, London-based contractor in our team will keep the budget, time schedule and the best level of quality consistent throughout the project.

Recently, we have been awarded “Best High-End Commercial Architects in the UK 2015”. We design large scale commercial projects including skyscrapers however; we also design smaller scale residential projects. It is not the size of the project that is important to us, but rather the design. Our clients should want, and be willing, to have something different, progressive, and unique. We work very adaptively and are perfectly able to work within any budget constraints. Our client’s budget concerns are something that we put at the forefront of priorities of all our projects.

Our clients chose our services to provide them with a design that enhances the artistic, monetary and personal value of their sites.

We offer a wide range of architectural services. This includes urban design, architectural design, interior design, furniture, and more. We produce 3D visuals of all our designs to help our clients understand and follow the design from the start to finish. Additionally, we oversee the construction of a project from inception to completion in accordance to the RIBA stages.

Our service is personalised and tailored to our clients’ needs as they are heavily involved in the design process. During the design process the brief is always being evaluated and worked upon. This includes the project’s uses, the space, and context which we thoroughly investigate in order to produce the best options for the client. We meet weekly to show them reports and brochures that outline the design process with a great selection of options. We produce the maximum amount of work for every project in order to give our clients the best choices. Some people may say having a wide range of options may confuse them, but truth be told they love it. At the end of each meeting, we have usually rounded it down to one or two, from which we can develop into a detailed design. If at any given time, a client decides to change the design, we are happy to incorporate any changes until we arrive at their ideal solution.