About Us EfZin Architects in Barnet :
EfZin Architects in Barnet  (Chartered Architects London) has been established to be the leading organic/cosmogenentic design practice in the UK, offering quality spaces and organic design solutions. EfZin  Architect Barnet works both locally and internationally.
Most recently EfZin Architects Barnet has been involved with residential projects.
EfZin Architects in Barnet is devoted to quality, space & design.

Quality means bringing harmony, balance, passion, intention and attention to your project.
The method to celebrate quality in the design is through a process called quality engineering.
With a system of points (scale 1-5) you can evaluate what is the best approach for your home.
All the elements will be evaluated and the scores added together. The best solution is the one that scores the highest.
Depending  on your decision, our architects will follow the project from inception to completion and arrange the Consultants for your project.
Every project is unique and it is our responsibility to inform and advise you on the best design.
Our Architects will give you a free consultation at your house before you commit to an agreement. We pride ourselves for never failing a planning application.

To contatct us:
EfZin Architects
Wenham House, Savona Street
Battersea, London, SW8 4DY
Telephone:0203 5920 537
Mob :07891338743