Our services

We can offer you the following services:

  • House design plans
  • Space Planning
  • Construction
  • Interior & Exterior architectural design
  • 3D Representation services

We offer an unrivalled 7-day drawing service.

All our drawings are produced using the very latest in architectural design technology: as the drawings are produced electronically, any alteration can be made simply and quickly.

  • Hassle-free planning with Architectural Services UK.

We offer free initial consultations to discuss how best to achieve your aspirations.

  • Green Design & Foundations

Our unique foundation designs will save you money and reduce the environmental impact of your works.

  • Architectural Services advise on all planning issues

Architectural Services manage the whole pre-build process with your local authority for you, both planning and building regulations. Our online system will keep you up to date as your project progresses.

Feel free to drop by or call us to discuss your project – EfZin Architect in Kensington

Residential Architects Kensington saves You Money & Time

Residential Architects Kensington spends their days keeping up with the latest construction methods, materials and technology. They can recommend the methods that best fit your budget and project. Residential Architects Kensington will also help you during the contractor bidding process, ensuring the price is fair and the services and expertise fit your project. Construction is expedited by your Residential Architect Kensington, who oversees planning, drawings and specifications.  The Residential Architects Kensington serves as your agent with the contractor, resolving disputes that may arise and analyzing additional costs the contractor proposes.

EfZin Residential Architects Kensington Testimonial

EfZin Residential Architects Kensington is a great bunch of professionals to work with. Not only do they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience but their approach is extremely pleasant and friendly. They are very good in listening to what a client needs and would like to achieve and they are able to recommend the best solution. EfZin Residential Architects Kensington, are very creative yet practical. Debbie Flevotomou, the founder is also fun to work with and a very calming presence in sometimes stressful situations (not easy to have your house renovated and still trying to live in it!). I would definitely recommend EfZin Residential Architects Kensington!

Raffaela Cuccia, Head of Strategic communications at City of Westminster College.

Other Matters

Reasonable skill and care architects are expected to exercise reasonable skill and care when carrying out their work. This means that they should be suitably qualified, have adequate resources to meet the project’s requirements and the necessary proficiency to fulfil their instructions satisfactorily. They should ensure they are informed and up to date with guidelines and statutory requirements relating to the project. A failure to exercise reasonable skill and care is not necessarily an indication of either professional misconduct or incompetence.

Requirements under the law RIBA Members are expected to conduct their practice of architecture in accordance with all relevant legal requirements (such as business, tax, discrimination, disability and employment law), without it being necessary to mention specific legislation in either the Code or guidance notes. A breach of the law, as evidenced by a finding by a recognised court or tribunal, may be considered as evidence against a member, should a complaint about his or her professional conduct be made.