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The Home Improvement Projects That Provide the Greatest Bang for your Money

Adding value to your home should be always a profitable move even if you are planing to stay longer in that house. It isn’t just about resell value after all. You can also have a better bargaining chip for collateral or refinancing options. You know that your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Start treating your home like it is your greatest investment by making improvements to it.

The best way to increase a home’s value is through renovations. However, it’s not feasible to just do anything to a residence and then assume the automatically go through the roof!

Here are some great ideas to add value to a home wherever it is located.

Adding New Rooms

There is one project that will instantly increase the value of any home. More rooms means more money. When two houses are close to identical, the one that has more rooms is always going to have the highest value. This is due to the fact that larger homes can house more people, so they will cost more to purchase.

You can simply add extensions to create more rooms. If there is not a safe way for you to add an extension, you can build a wall inside of one of your largest rooms to create two separate rooms. In the majority of cases this is still a value-adding renovation.

Remodel The Kitchen And All Bathrooms

Most potential buyers will consider a bathroom or a kitchen to be a real deal breaker. There are all kinds of features everyone wants to see, from beautiful open kitchens to attractive upgrades like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. New cabinets also make a great impression. These kitchen updates can be costly, but they’re more than worth it if you want to catch the eye of buyers.

Bathrooms can be a great area to work with too. Buyers like things like footed tubs with whirlpool jets, vanities with tons of storage room and dual-basin sinks. A properly furnished bathroom can also make its owner happier. It’s a room we have to spend a lot of time in, so we might as well enjoy it.

Redo the Heating and Plumbing System

Plumbing and heating isn’t exactly something you can show off to people. When you update your plumbing or heating, you can make sure you’re adding value to the home while making it more safe. The older a home is, the more important it is to update the HVAC and plumbing systems. If you have copper pipes, you may be able to receive assistance from the government to remove those pipes and make the necessary changes.

There are a number of other renovations you may want to consider based on your home’s unique needs. If you don’t have a lot of curb appeal, focus on landscaping. If your roof is old, consider having it replaced. Having said all that, there are a number of other things you could do to improve your home’s value, but the 3 main suggestions talked about above will give you the biggest increases. Whether you decide to add more rooms, renovate your kitchen and bathrooms, or update your heating and plumbing, you’ll see a big increase from your decision.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start enjoying the upgrades to your home.