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Studio updates.

What to do when the existing building is unchangeable but you prefer a more contemporary design?

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Is a very common problem in London and in the whole of the UK, that the exterior of the building is unchangeable. However is also a fact, that the best properties are the actual unchangeable ones and usually the ones with the most value. But what can you do if you do have a Victrorian house but you actually like contemporary interiors more than the traditional ones?

Our client had the same problem. The Victoria house with a brilliant façade, was creating those rather dark interiors that were almost too serious. In order to solve the problem, new forms were introduced and a concept based on contrast and balance. A waterfall feature was introduced in the middle of the room, the water was falling from the main atrium into a pod that was surrounding by a blazing fire. The main staircase surround the water pod. The contrast between the water and the fire was further reinforced by the contrast of the concrete staircase and the classical interior. That created an wow effect that all visitors are still scratching their heads.