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22Apr 2016

The sea front site is part of the Tower Area in Tripoli, in close proximity from the city centre. The site is total 11 hectares, all benefit from the beautiful sea front. The site is to become the new centre for retail, restaurant and recreational activities. The brief is asking for a business hotel of […]

22Apr 2016

The concept behind the form of this shopping centre was initially inspired by the properties of ribbons. Ribbons are used, and have been used throughout history, in dance performances to enhance dance movements and here we have used the ribbon form to enhance the design. The form of the walls and floors is as fluid […]

26Oct 2015

The project involved a full renovation of an early-Victorian era mansion where the design achieved was mainly about contrasting elements. This was inspired by the existing house itself where we felt it was incredibly important to retain its distinct historical character but at the same time the building was in long need of updating. Our […]

26Oct 2015

Wentworth Estate, Surrey. 20,000 sq ft private residence (for sale). 9 bedroom suites, 10 bathrooms, full leisure facilities. 3 acres landscaped grounds. The Wentworth Estate lies in the tranquil heart of north Surrey. The grand neo-classical mansion, Wentworth Court, has been extensively refurbished and updated with nine bedroom suites, ten bathrooms, and full leisure facilities […]

09Jun 2015

The “wow” factor for this multi-million pound development has been created on the roof. The ceiling takes on a wavy form maximizing natural light exposure. This sculptural piece blends in yet enhances the works of art and furniture arranged in the room.

08Jun 2015

Rear Extensions in London with unique character. Sliding or bi-folding doors have been kept, but the shape has been modified. Wavy roofs and curved lines create harmonious forms with a sense of luxury. London Existing Extension: London Proposed Extension:

15May 2015

This new two-storey, stainless steel extension is of a contemporary design which contrasts with the traditional design of the existing house. The design is unique and innovative and the owners of the house enjoy the fluidity of the forms and the interchangeable spaces. This design was a new and better approach to the usual standard […]