Debbie Flevotomou Architects has recently won a competition in China to design the interior of 66 Villas.

The competition brief was asking for 12 European Interior Design Styles.

The Debbie Flevotomou Architects approach was deconstructing the traditional architectural style with the insertion of harmonious organic lines. The idea was to create a very contemporary design, based on the past architectural feature.

Started by studying the traditional architecture of every country and picked the most sound features of their traditional architecture, While considering the aesthetic forms found in the natural environment of every country. The complex structures of a sea shell, sea waves, or trees; objects and elements that give the design freedom to explore new forms and ideas. Cosmogenetic design, as it called aims to be dynamic, opulent, comfortable and having creative spaces where the inhabitants feel interrelated with nature. For example: the creative vision for France was Mountains & Versailles Palace Interior. For Poland was Amber and traditional village house interior etc. The interiors designs are inspired by the calligraphy of nature and while the traditional architectural elements of each country are enhanced by the design.