Debbie Flevotomou Architects:  Architectural Services London (Chartered Architects London) has been established to be one of the most fast growing companies in the UK.


Debbie Flevotomou Architects: Architectural Services London  is dedicated to quality, space & design.

Quality means bringing harmony, balance, passion, intention and attention to your project.

The method to celebrate quality in the design is through a process called quality engineering.

With a system of points (scale 1-5) you can evaluate what is the best approach for your home.

All the elements will be evaluated and the scores added together. The best solution is the one that scores the highest.

Every project is unique and it is our responsibility to inform and advise you on the best design.

Our Architects will give you a free consultation at your house before you commit to an agreement.

Depending  on your decision, our architects will follow the project from inception to completion and arrange the
Consultants for your project.
We pride ourselves for never failing a planning application.


30Jan 2015

We work to a fixed schedule and fixed price basis. Which means fees remain the same throughout your project.We believe each project should have a clear plan, this allows us manage expectations and helps prevent your project going over budget. There are no hidden costs and we invoice our clients’ directly so you can see […]

01Feb 2015

What does “organic design” looks like?   Single and Two Storey Extensions Whether side or rear and sometimes both, it may be possible to build using your permitted development rights. Loft Conversion The majority of lofts can be converted and is an excellent way to provide you with an extra bedroom or two, and maybe […]

01Mar 2015

Debbie Flevotomou Architects Established 2011 by ex Foster+Partner Architect, Debbie Flevotomou Architects is an award-winning practice that has scooped 5 International Design Awards in 2016. The most recent Residential Award is recognition of our personalised service and proven personality test. The Architectural Practice aims for excellence in everything we do. Are you seeking a residential architect or interior designer for […]

01Mar 2015

An interesting architectural project Our Services in Twickenham New Build Loft conversions We can provide you with contractor advices from the outset and support from concept to completion.  Loft conversions The majority of lofts can be converted and is an excellent way to provide you with an extra bedroom or two, and maybe an en-suite. Extensions […]

18Mar 2015

Debbie Flevotomou Architects has recently won a competition in China to design the interior of 66 Villas. The competition brief was asking for 12 European Interior Design Styles. The Debbie Flevotomou Architects approach was deconstructing the traditional architectural style with the insertion of harmonious organic lines. The idea was to create a very contemporary design, […]

19Mar 2015
modern residential architects

My friend just bought his new house and he wanted to turn it into home. He didn’t have idea about interior or exterior design so he decided to arrange a consultation with modern residential architects, explain what he expects and while benefiting from free architect advice, decide to choose one of them. Usually is not […]