Apartment in London

Penthouse – Belgravia

Fluidity of forms, elegance, and luxury are represented in the colours of the living room. The floor and parts of the ceiling have been kept black to enhance the contrast between colours. All the corners of the rooms are curved, including the openings on the walls. This is so all the organic forms can work in harmony. The same colour scheme has been used for the living and dining areas.


Penthouse – Holborn

The main feature of this design is the ceiling. The organic form of the ceiling gives a unique identity and character to the room. The lighting is hidden behind the ceiling to keep a neat aesthetic and the ceiling is deliberately high to make the space look larger. All the furniture is from the art-deco era in order to create a contrast between the organic and the square forms.

  • Luxurious design – Organic Forms
  • Luxurious design – Organic Forms