Southwark Serviced Apartments

The site is located on Flat Iron Square on the locally famed Union Street in Southwark which is showing an increasing level of tourism due to its close proximity to cultural and historical attractions. Such nearby attractions include Shakespeare’s Globe, Winchester Palace, the Tate Modern, the Shard, and many more. To make the most of the high demand tourism south of the Thames, the client wanted to completely renovate and extend a semi-abandoned dilapidated site into modern, luxurious, 4-star serviced apartments.

The concept for the design emerged from the local abundance of art galleries and theatres which gave us an insight of the arts culture in the area. This led us to a sculptural facade that would wrap around the visible sides of the building to act not only as a brise soleil, but as a tribute to the arts culture of the area. The parametric curves reflect the movements of performing artists and its visually stimulating presence reflecting the work of visual artists. We retained the existing fenestrational proportions and traditional brick façade of the building behind the sculptural brise soleil to retain the existing aesthetic of the building and Flat Iron Square. This was because we felt it was especially important to not take anything away from the area’s distinct historical character.