Two Towers

The Two Towers site is part of the tower area in Tripoli, a mid town neighbourhood near the city centre. The site area is 1041m2 and benefits from the close proximity to the sea. In general the site has the potential to attract big interest, due to its touristic location.

The brief is to design two nine storeys buildings; a hotel and a residential block. The hotel floorplates should not exceed 367m2 and the design should reflect four stars or more. Thirty percent of the hotel rooms should have private balconies. An existing hotel is next to the new development and two more hotels are in the nearby blocks. The vision for the new edifice is to be iconic with a more exciting design from the existing hotels, in order to attract the visitors’ interest.

The rest of the plot will be developed to be an apartments' block with basement parking.

Design Development

The concept of the project is based on the Libyan history and especially on the recent revolution. After the recent troubles the country faced, Libya has now been reunited. The country adopted a new face, a new government and a new chapter in history. The shape of the building reflects that reunion. Two individual blocks with different uses, combined together into a uniformed development.

The way to establish that connection is by rotating the central axis. In this way, the uses of the hotel and the apartments are being rotated too. The changing views are differentiating the developments on every floor at the same time as altering the cost of the edifices. Cost variable is a significant factor for making the scheme viable.

The curved shape buildings have been inspired by the half moon, a very significant symbol in the Arabic world. Two half moons united together, as two different uses buildings are designed as one element.