Step 1: Initial Consultation

    At your request, we will meet with you at a place of your choosing free of charge to discuss ideas and what can be done. It is always helpful to discuss ways to enhance projects in terms of maximising space, natural light, views, etc. Additionally, we will discuss what the project means to you and what you would like to achieve from the project; whether it be to maximise monetary value, improve personal value, or other aims.


    Step 2: Survey & Brief

    We will organise and conduct a survey of the site in order to prepare the existing drawings. Additionally, we will meet with you to discuss the brief and to investigate all of your needs and interests for the project. The brief will be prepared by us and will form the basis on which we design from in order to create something spectacular.


    Step 3: Initial Design

    We will produce 20 to 30 initial design options which we will present to you in our first design meeting. We will discuss all the options with you in order to assist your decision making process so that we can establish the first direction for the project. We will organise further design meetings with you in which we will provide another 10 - 20 options based on the discussions of the previous meetings. Our aim is to involve you in the design process so that we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the end product; we would ultimately like to amaze you with our final design.


    Step 4: Consultation with Engineer and Contractor

    Once we have agreed on a final design we will set up a consultation with the engineer and the contractor to inspect the design and confirm its cost.


    Step 5: Detailed design and Planning Application

    We will explore all the spaces using 3D visualisations so that you can clearly see how the project will look when it is completed. Once you are confident with the final design, we will produce final drawings for planning permission. We will be able to submit these to the council on and follow up on the approval on your behalf.


    Step 6: Liaison with Planning Officer

    After the planning officer has inspected the application, if needed, we will negotiate with them if there any alterations that need to be made and we will change the design according to your best interests.


    Step 7: Party Wall Notifications

    If the site has any party walls, we will hand out notifications to the owners and residents of those sharing party walls with the site. The notifications are prepared prior to this step and sent as soon as possible because it is in our interest to save as much time as we can where possible.


    Step 8: Construction Drawings & Specification

    We will produce the building regulation drawings (plans, sections, etc.) and the construction drawings for the project including construction details, internal elevations, detailed sections, lighting, mechanical and electrical drawings, window and door details, schedules, and more. Additionally, the engineer (and any particular subcontractors) will prepare their calculations. We would like for you to have the whole package before the construction starts. The more options considered and decisions made in advance will result in a smoother construction process. It is very important to us that errors during construction are at a minimum. The budget will be finalised and confirmed upon the completion of our architectural drawings however, as the contractor has been involved from the start you will be aware of the cost earlier on in the process.



    Step 9: Submission to Building Regulations & Mobilisation

    We will submit the drawings to building regulations and will also discuss with you the best arrangement, timescale, stages, and strategy for the construction of the project.


    Step 10: Construction

    Construction will commence and progress with as minimal disturbance and obstruction to you as possible. We will supervise the construction from start to finish and inspect the implications of the design. The contractor will do whatever possible to finish on time and within budget.


    Step 11: Handover

    The construction work concludes and the project may be inhabited.


    Step 12: Revisit

    Six months after the end of construction we will revisit the site and inspect the project for any effects that may have happened over time. If the project requires amendments, the contractor will return to site free of charge.

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