The sea front site is part of the Tower Area in Tripoli, in close proximity from the city centre. The site is total 11 hectares, all benefit from the beautiful sea front. The site is to become the new centre for retail, restaurant and recreational activities. The brief is asking for a business hotel of four hundred rooms. It should accommodate amenities for conference and meetings. It should be a low height structure in order to create a more intimate environment towards the surrounding landscape.

The vision is to create an area where people from different background and cultures can come together to spend some quality time by the seaside, do some shopping and enjoy a meal. The same way families in Tripoli used to spend their evenings and weekends before the war.


Design Development

The concept of the project is based on a simple but very efficient shape – the tree leaf. The most common found leaves are flat and thin, maximising the surface area directly exposed to lights and promoting photosynthesis. Likewise, the idea of this scheme is to use this clever natural design in order to make the most of natural lighting. Functionality and inspiration is at the heart of the design. The leaf shape is elegant and smart.

The concept for the retail areas and restaurants are to follow the natural shape of the site. A big promenade will be constructed in front of the scheme in very close proximity to the sea.

The design has allowed large semi – private gardens in the centre of the development. The rooms are double facing, with some proportions looking towards the sea, the gardens or the city. The cost of the hotel rooms will varies depending on the view. From a design point, it will also keep the storeys of the hotel to a minimum as it maximises the use of the space.

The rooms will have an approximate gross area of 40sq.m. Every room will have a private balcony and access to the gardens.

All the restaurants will have sea views while the more private areas (meeting rooms) will be placed towards the city. The entrance of the hotel will be defined by a large garden.

Sea Front Hotel1

Sea Front Hotel2

Sea Front Hotel3

HOTEL_Room Layout_Option1_REV C.dgn