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Read the story from our clients: Battersea Apartment Art Installation

– What is your name?

Andrea  Bergamonti

– What improvement works did you do to your place?

Interior design. I needed something unique and quirky. Something  that was beyond the usual. Something with a personality.

– What your wish list included? Did you get it?

An artistic installation for every room along with a new focal point.  Yes, I did get it.

For the living room for example:  I got an installation with books on the wall that works like a canvas for the charcoal drawing. Directly underneath is a tape- sticker skyline of a German city. So both of them work as a great antithesis both from a material perspective and from the country / city concept.  

A free standing fire place / partly coffee table.

An installation with pillows on the wall creating a soft surface corner that matches the colour with the armchair.

– How the new design improved the way you use your place?

It looks cosy, homy and unique. The tape sticker installations continue throughout the place.

– How much time do you spend now in the new part?

Almost the whole time I am home, I am looking at them.

– What do you like the most?

That every visitor is astonished by the uniqueness of the design.

– How was the whole design experience?


– If you were to give a piece of advice for the people thinking about renovating, what that will be?

Move out while the renovation takes place.  

– Three words about how the space makes you feel?

Joy,  it puts a smile on my face.

– Three words about how the new space improves your lifestyle?

Art always improve peoples’ lives.

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