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Studio updates.

How can you keep the roof ceiling low but still have the right ceiling height inside?

loft conversion london

Central London is a place that space is limited but requirements of space are big! If we are not allowed to build large basements any longer, the only way is up! However, loft conversions have been and are traditionally criticized by the planners. One of the main reasons for refusal is that they can seen from the street level.

One way around is to lower the roof at the point closer to the street levels. So, the roof heights is only 2.2m on the edges but gradually the roof curves in middle gaining a meter and a half extra! On this project, the client needed maximum daylight, so the roof is fully glazed! To avoid overheating, there are openable windows. The shape can only be seen by helicopter, so is in accordance with the planners’ wishes and it gives the WOW affect to the whole house!


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