Debbie Flevotomou Architects

Read the story from our clients - Wimbledon Project.

– What is your name?

John & Caroline


– What improvement works did you do to your place?

Ground floor extension and redesign.

First floor partial redesign.

Loft conversion to create a master suite.

Garden room and landscaping.


– What your wish list included? Did you get it?

We wanted something unique, with a wow factor. Most people who visit seem to think so.


– How the new design improved the way you use your place?

The open plan ground floor is really bright and airy, we open the bifolds as often as possible and spend afternoons in the sunny space, open to the garden. In winter, it’s still a great place to sit, and it is very sociable.


– How much time do you spend now in the new part?

As above, lots in the ground floor extension. We have an office for working from home. The master suite is lovely for long lie ins.


– What do you like the most?

The light, colours and sense of social space.


– How was the whole design experience?

I think we enjoyed the creative aspects, including our unique architectural shapes.


– If you were to give a piece of advice for the people thinking about renovating, what that will be?

It would be to carefully research your builder, and manage the budget tightly and realistically.


– Three words about how the space makes you feel?

Alive, cheerful, sociable.


– Three words about how the new space improves your lifestyle?

Joy coming home.